Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mandala Pinwheels - WHEEEE!

Just a quick peek at my new Mandala Pinwheels! They're made from recycled vinyl records and vintage radio knobs. Made in collaboration with Anitra Cameron of Coffee Pot People.

I'm so excited about these, I can hardly stand it! I even left them outside in the rain last night and they held up great. (They will be outdoors for a week during the Live Debris installation.)

I have 7 finished and will be working on the last 5 today. Here are a couple of quick videos if you'd like to watch them spin!


Anitra Cameron said...

Christine, they're WONDERFUL! Ohmigosh, I am going to Have to have one!

Unknown said...

These are SOOOO Cool! My husband is an auctioneer and these rarely sell for much for an entire box!

I would love to do these with my Girl Scouts in May when we go camping. Would you be willing to share how you make them? I can be reached at