Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Black Light Groove, Part Two: Ultraviolet Turntable Art

Say hello to groovy black light mandala #2, Ultraviolet!

Work in progress:
In natural light:

In natural light, and in black light:

(Black light photos by Kaila Haas.)

These last two photos show you a little sneak peek at some of the amazing fluorescent murals I've painted on the walls. I have more great photos of the murals and will share them in another post!


Emily said...

I'm seriously loving your new black light grove

cjbc said...


Anitra Cameron said...

How fun! I can SO see these in a teen's room.

A small wonder: Does neon light affect them anything like ultraviolet? We have two art neon pieces, and I suddenly got curious as to what they'd look like "under the influence".

cjbc said...

Hi Anitra - I really don't know about neon light, I haven't tried that yet!