Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring updates from Eye Pop Art

Hi and thanks for visiting the Eye Pop Art blog.  I am not currently updating this blog so if you would like to keep up with all of the latest news about me, my art, my life, upcoming Etsy classes that I'm teaching, and other good stuff, please follow my facebook page, or my twitter @eyepopart.  I also love posting photos on instagram so please follow me there too if you are into that:  We can also connect on linkedin if you like!

I am currently busy with some other pursuits - I'm volunteering for Portland Women's Crisis Line, and I'm attending classes at Portland Community College.  I've decided to finally go back to school and pursue my degree!  I have only just started as of three weeks ago, so what this basically means is I am doing a lot of algebra.  And I like it a lot.  I'm also taking a writing class and a PE class - a total of 9 credits for this first term.  I'm excited to eventually really study art and writing.  I will probably be an English major.  I have always wanted to be a writer or journalist. So this blog may become a place where I share other types of writing than just news about being an artist, or I may start a new blog, or my writing may some day appear on some other blogs or news sites - who knows?  I hope to find more ways to share my voice.

I have many interests and ideas, and I am just really excited to be getting more involved in the life of the mind.  I've been inspired by a lot of friends and family members who are currently going to college, including my daughter, my stepson, and my best friend.  Also, my husband Charles is doing this too - we are in it together!

I am continuing with my business as always - Eye Pop Art is not going anywhere; in fact lots of new stuff is in the works.  I will be vending at Lewis Garden Fair on May 3 and at Crafty Wonderland on May 10.

I am teaching a two-part Etsy workshop at collage in June, and I will be teaching a painting class and an all-day Etsy class at the Ashland Art Center in August. I am also happy to be a member of Etsy Wholesale (just received my first order through this new platform - read about it in the New York Times!), and I have a few new products in the works.

I'm just looking forward to actually taking some art classes and studying different techniques and playing with different materials.  Hopefully this will lead me to better opportunities for becoming the kind of artist or creative person that I really want to be.  My ideal career goal is to have great freedom to work on big projects, whether that be writing a book or creating large works of art or something else along those lines.  I need to evolve and learn and stretch my brain!  So I've taken the plunge into higher education.  Thanks for all your support as I venture on this journey!  Hope to see you around the internet - don't forget to click over to my facebook page and follow me there to keep up with the latest news from Eye Pop Art.  Have a great spring!

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