Monday, August 3, 2009

Tangereen's 15th birthday

Our daughter Tangereen Velveteen turned 15 on Sunday! We drove downtown. We went to Powell's. She got a Calculus textbook.

We went to Sushi Land. Chuck and Tangereen are crazy about sushi. I'm not too crazy about it, and I feel self-conscious because I have never bothered to learn how to use chopsticks. Isn't that stupid? I'm sure my friend Phoebe, who is currently in Seoul, would have something to say about that! Well, sorry. I've just gone through life using a fork. However, Sushi Land was fun anyway. I like how the dishes go around on a conveyor belt and you can select whatever you want. I guess Tangereen had a chopstick epiphany that day, but it slipped past me. I tried to grab things that looked like acceptable finger food. Chuck said not to worry. "This is Portland," he said.

Here we are on the MAX. We rode it and the Portland Streetcar to the cinemas on the very top floor of Pioneer Place. We saw the new Harry Potter movie! It was great. I loved it.

When we got home we had some delightful cupcakes topped with huge thick roses made of pure sweet frosting. Tangereen got the orange one.

I mean, these were huge cupcakes. None of us could finish ours.

(Tangereen got some on her nose.)

I got her that Rolling Stones shirt in New York!

I can't believe my baby girl is 15! Happy birthday, Tangereen!

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