Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now showing at Cubespace

If you've ever wondered what a psychedelic Eye Pop Art painting would like in a "normal" setting, here are some photos of them hanging in various little conference rooms at Cubespace, "an innovative workspace community in Portland, Oregon. We provide work stations, meeting rooms, and big office amenities to people who would otherwise be working from their homes, coffee shops, or wherever they can set up their laptops or use their cell phones."

Oh my gosh, they even have a knitting night! How totally Portland is that?

I have some of my Classic Records hanging there too:

So hey, now you know, Eye Pop Art can hang on any old boring wall and make a room look interesting and cool.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our show at the Tonic & Dartgun's Rocktober Calendar

We played a show Saturday night at the Tonic Lounge.

We played with Pitchfork Motorway...

...and the Bloodies:

The other bands were great! The whole night was a blast.

Check us out on myspace, the band is called Dartgun and we three doo-wop girls are the Vignettes.

Here's our ROCKTOBER calendar for PDX:

Thursday, October 2 at Ash Street, 225 SW Ash
Saturday, October 11 at the Know, 2026 NE Alberta
Saturday, October 25 at the Jolly Inn, 1927 SE 11th (our official Halloween Party with Cootie Platoon, Advisory, and the Bloodies!)
Friday, October 31 at Hungry Tiger Too, 207 SE 12th (that's Halloween night, boys and ghouls!)

Yeah, that's every weekend in October. If you are in Portland, check your calendar and maybe you can make it out for some good times and live music next month. I'd love to see you, come out and play!

Tangereen's first job - it's crafty!

This weekend Chuck and I took our daughter to the studios of Ex Libris Anonymous, where she started work at her first job, doing some piece work for Jacob in the creation of his awesome journals made from old hardcover books!
He and Tangereen met during this summer's Recycled Arts Festival, when she helped out a bit at his booth.

The studio is awesome, with hardwood floors, exposed brick, high ceilings, and a great view of the Willamette River and downtown Portland. And it's filled with stacks and stacks of books and journals in various stages of completion.

Tangereen's job consisted of slicing off book covers with a box cutter. These are mostly old books that the library gets rid of because they are falling apart, or because people have drawn in them, and for various other reasons. It's an awesome way to recycle, which is why I'm so glad Jacob is a member of Trillium Artisans! The great thing about his product is that there is something for absolutely everyone. Just look at this huge stack of completed journals:
So there's an inside peek at this little cottage industry. I'm so proud that my daughter's first job is such a cool one!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New cuffs and other news

I made a few new cuffs this week and listed them in my shop. Above is "Butterfly Love."

Here is "Autumn Leaf":

And this one is called "Groovy Flowers":
In other news, the Foster Art Walk happened on Saturday, and some vendors set up in the plaza outside of the Trillium Artisans store. Here are some photos - this is Jaynette and her daughter, from Bluejaye Crafts:

Here is Elissa from Elissa Tree Designs (really wonderful beadwork!):

And back in the corner there we had Mary from Lolly-tots and Autumn from Autumn Comfort Candles.
I did not set up a booth, instead I headed over to Gilly's and had Emie cut all my hair off!
Emie is also a fashion designer and she is submitting her items to Trillium for product review. Check out her website:

That night Chuck played his (supposedly) last show as the temp drummer for Advisory. It was a benefit show for the Rose City Rollers. Also, Andrew was in town for his 21st birthday! Yes, I have a 21 year old stepson. NO, I am not old enough to be his mother!

I'm also happy to announce that I received an official purchase order from Viva Terra, for 100 of my Mandala Record Bowls for their spring catalog. So I am pretty much going to be working on that for the next couple of months! I've applied for the Crafty Wonderland Super Collosal, but that will probably be the only craft show I do (oh, and maybe the da Vinci Arts Fair too, gotta support my kid's school!).

Okay, time for me to get to work!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chuck's Backyard Mandala

Chuck did a bit of gardening this evening and created this beautiful mandala out of leaves, flowers, herbs, sticks, and branches in the large circle of dirt where we recently took down our pool. Isn't it pretty?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eco Emporia launched & featured on Eco Shopper

Today, the blog is featuring the new UK online eco-friendly gift site Eco Emporia, which launched last week and is carrying several of my products. Eco Shopper chose to highlight my "Zebra" Mandala Record Bowl! Click here for the post.

And check out the new (it was originally to be called Citizen Recycle and I may have written about it here before when I was working on their order) - it's great, and they offer earth-friendly gift wrapping too!

Mandala Window Decals for the Sampler

I've sent 100 Mandala Window Decals to the Sampler. The new co-op, PDX Indie, is curating a "Portland City Sampler" and my items will be included! This is the first time I've done this and I'm excited to see what happens.

Here is what the finished items look like after they've been packaged. The grid-patterned backing peels off and leaves you with a gorgeous decal ready to stick on a window, mirror, or any surface.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Camp, Day 3: More mandalas!

Today at art camp the kids continued to work on their awesome vinyl record mandalas!

And I did one too! Here is my work in progress:
What a fun way to spend two hours in the afternoon! And getting paid for it too...yeah, I love this job.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Art Camp, Day 2: Mandalas

Here are some of the designs my students worked on during Day 2 of art camp. They are doing mandalas on vinyl records!

Watch this quick video of a mandala spinning on the end of a paintbrush!