Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seattle's Green Chair Project

Meet Carina Manz, proprietor of the Green Chair Project, which will be opening on August 1 at 1001 NE Boat St. in Seattle's university district.

It's not often that I get to visit an out-of-town store that carries my work, but last weekend I was able to hand-deliver my items straight to this new shop, since I was on the road to Seattle with the band anyway.
The store, which focuses on products made from recycled and reclaimed materials, will be carrying a nice selection of my clocks, bowls, cuffs, and suncatchers.

This opportunity came about when Carina "discovered" Eye Pop Art at the recent Recycled Arts Festival. Another reason why it's good to do craft shows!

I love the vivid green!

This place happens to be located right down on the waterfront, so we had a little fun with that too, before heading to the club:

More about our Seattle road trip and rock show in another post!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mixing Colors - Part Four: GREEN

Moving on now to Part Four in my exciting color mixing series - it's time for my take on Pantone's "Jasmine Green"!

To make this color, I simply mixed about two parts Permanent Green Light and two parts Cadmium Yellow Medium (Winsor & Newton) to one part each Neon Green and Jubilee Green (craft acrylics).

The color on the far left in the picture below is what I came up with:

And so I painted!

I do love a messy art table.

Here is the beginning of my design, which I painted freehand in glossy black:

And the finished product:

My Jasmine Green Bowl is available in my Etsy shop - click here to see more!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trashion Team Summer Sale Next Week!

I'm a proud member of the Etsy Trashion Team and we are having a Summer Sale & Giveaway July 20 - 27 - that's next week!

I will be offering 20% off everything in the Eye Pop Art shop (including the sale section). Please wait for me to send you a revised PayPal invoice reflecting the discount (which does not apply to shipping).

For every purchase you make in a participating shop, you will earn "tickets" which will qualify you to win a big prize package full of cool trashion items handmade by the team members (I have included a $15 gift certificate to my shop).

Starting on Monday the 20th you can visit the Trashion Blog for a complete list of participating sellers. Check it out and have fun shopping for great deals on earth-friendly items made from recycled materials!

I do love this team. Here's a photo from our team trunk show at the Etsy Labs in NY, back in July 2007 (two years ago, wow). That's my stuff in the middle of the table.

So don't forget to check out Eye Pop Art on Etsy next week and remember everything will be 20% off! It's a perfect time to get that cuff or bowl you've been thinking about!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Summer Vacation

We took a fabulous family yurt-camping vacation at the Oregon Coast for the Fourth of July. Here are some selected photos of our adventures! Above is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. We took the tour and climbed to the top!

Julius celebrated his 13th birthday on our first night there. We picked up a chocolate cake and he enjoyed it with his squirrel collection. So, now I can say, "I have two teenagers."

Camp breakfasts are the best with Chuck around!

Our friends Chad and Anna (Chad being the bass player for Dartgun) came down and camped for two nights with their two cute little puppies. Here's Julius petting them:

And here's Chadwick:
We walked a lot - there are lovely trails in the woods all around the campground, and long walks through the dunes to get to the beach.

Our favorite spot was this bench that sits on top of a hill overlooking the park:

On the Glorious Fourth, we hung out with some of Chuck's old friends from high school, one of whom lives in a private beach community just down the road from the campground. We also watched fireworks on the beach that night.

These pictures are from the private beach. It was a very misty, moisty day.

Our friend Mark and his son Traver, after reeling in the kite:

View from Chris's beach house:

Chris and Mark barbecuing while Chuck grins insanely:

I hope people in the neighborhood liked our groovy car!

We had a wonderful time!

Check out my pictures from last year's summer yurt adventure if you like - click here.