Monday, September 21, 2009

Psychedelic City! (The pinwheels at Live Debris)

Above is a super-oversaturated photo of my Mandala Pinwheels at the Eastbank Esplanade on Saturday morning. Psychedelic city, I say!

I was really happy with the way they looked planted on the riverbank like this for the Live Debris opening day event, with the Willamette River, Morrison Bridge, and buildings of downtown Portland in the background.

I did go back in the evening and removed all but three of them. I was just too worried about them being stolen, vandalized, or damaged. The three that remain will be there through the 26th if you want to go see them. I am hoping to get them listed in my Etsy shop soon, as I know that there are several people who already want to buy them. I just need to figure out how they can be shipped.

Here's what they looked like at about 7:00 in the evening:


Anitra Cameron said...

Yay, Christine! They look FABULOUS!

Run Lori Run said...

They look great on the riverbank, nice photos! I hope to see you at the etsy class on the 8th. I just started an etsy shop myself and need some guidance!

Dayna Collins said...

What a way to enliven the riverbank of such a great city.