Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pinwheels at the Garden Fair & in the UncommonGoods Catalog

Last weekend I carted the Pinwheels down to Lewis School for the Lewis Garden Fair. It was so much fun! I'm excited that several of these have found new homes. Here's what my display looked like:

(I still haven't found the time to paint the other display stand that Mark made, but used this beautiful, colorful cloth that my mother-in-law brought back from Costa Rica to cover up the plain wood.)

The backs of the pinwheels are always a great conversation starter - whoa! They're made from records!
I had a great day hanging out with some of my crafty peeps like Megan, Chris, and Tim...
Chris even let me decorate one of his cute little birdhouses.

The show was organized by Alea of Bonewerx, who I first met when she attended one of the Etsy classes I co-teach with LeBrie. Alea acquired one of the pinwheels and here is a beautiful picture of what it looks like in her garden:
Also, I'm very happy to say that the Mandala Pinwheels are in the new Mother's Day catalog that was just put out by Uncommon Goods! I haven't gotten a copy of it yet but was alerted by my friends on facebook.

The catalog is online here, and here is a screen shot of the most wonderful page, page 19!

I wasn't even aware that they were going to be in the Mother's Day catalog (I only knew they will be in the Summer catalog, which hasn't come out yet) - but you know, they would make a great Mother's Day gift! Go ahead and order from Uncommon Goods, they have plenty in stock as you can see:

Happy Earth Day!

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Alea Bone said...

It was so great to have you at our first ever Garden Fair, what a FUN day for Lewis! I keep peeking out my windows to catch a glimpse of my pinwheel spinning happily away on 'Bulb Island'. The colors couldn't be more perfect!