Sunday, May 9, 2010

Makers Market

I have been accepted to sell my items on Makers Market, the new-ish curated marketplace from the creators of Make: Magazine and Boing Boing.

My store URL is:

So far I've just listed my vintage record cuffs.

It is pretty cool to list your stuff on a site where there are only five pages of listings for accessories (as opposed to Etsy where there are currently 17,162 pages of accessories). I also like that it has a built-in blogging platform and you are encouraged to post videos. (I kicked off my new blog with a link to my segment on "Look What I Did!")

Check out the site, it is really cool and filled with "wonderful science, tech, and artistic creations." Here are some of my faves!

Steampunk Ring - Green Glass Dragonfly by Earthfire Studios.
2 x 2 Building Block Ring by rubygirl (yay rubygirl!).

I.S.O Identifieted Stabil Object by 24 Carati.

Cell Division 1 by Artologica.
Chalkboard Journal by Moonlight Bindery.

"Minimod 2" Original Painting by Chris Reccardi.

Recycled Stewarts Grape Soda Drinking Glasses by Windy City Glass.
Twisted Nothing Data Wire Bracelets by Twisted Handmade.

Atari Punk Pedal by GetLoFi Experimental Sound.

Vintage Looking Computer by Old Time Computer.

To boldly go where no man has gone before by BeauJangles.

Grace Kelly's See Behind Rear Window Shades by Criminal Crafts (from Portland!).

Orange by Raw Art Letterpress.

Traffic Light...Light by Illuminated Bird.

Social and Sexual Science! Oddities Necklace by Rivkasmom (great steampunk shoppe!).

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Anitra Cameron said...

I'm so glad for you--you totally deserve it!

And I LOVE the old-timey computer!