Monday, July 2, 2007

Look What I Missed

The Hollywood crew that spent 12 hours at my house in September 2005

I just got back from a week of camping in a Yurt at the Oregon Coast. Checking my emails, I found a message from my old friends Miss Trish and Miss Katy in Springfield, Missouri. They were so glad to have caught my segment on Look What I Did!

I am so bummed! I have been waiting two years for this, and I totally missed it. I have been checking the HGTV website (that's the Home & Garden Network) regularly to search for my episode, and never found anything. I just checked a couple of weeks ago! Well, it is listed NOW - check this link - and my segment, "Psychedelic in Portland" aired on Monday night, June 25! This episode is about my master bedroom/studio/home office and how I turned it into a mandala-filled wonderland of psychedelic undulations.

The show apparently will air again on September 19. I am thrilled that it's been grouped with a "Rock and Roll Kitchen" and an "Edgar Allen Poe Wine Cellar." Sounds like a great show. I can't believe I missed it!

Please tune in to HGTV on September 19, at 6:00 PM ET/PT, to catch the second airing of this show. And don't forget, there is yet another upcoming episode of Look What I Did! featuring my kitchen (this one is not listed on the website yet) AND an episode of That's Clever! which will air some time this holiday season (I'll be demonstrating my Snowman Record Bowl). As soon as I know the airdates, I will post them here!

So how was my vacation? Most excellent, thank you. In between swimming, picnicking, beach-combing, and hiking into the deep, dark forest, I had some major attacks of creativity. I drew four new mandalas on vinyl records, experimented with making my first batch of ACEO's, and I started painting my car!
I still have a way to go. It's kind of funny, when I think about how I was painting our old Galaxie 500 back when I was pregnant with Tangereen 13 years ago - I don't think I've really changed much. Here's the Galaxie, circa 1994:


dan said...

Yah, we missed ours as well. Sure would be nice if they would let us know (or at least drop a video tape in the mail) Our first segment was the recycled kitchen, and the second is the obelisks in the garden. They were 13.5 hrs at our house that the end we were calling the show "oh crap, what have I done" - we're out in Hillsboro, so had the same crew.

EyePopArt said...

Hey Dan, that's insane. I would love to see your segments, the recycled kitchen sounds really interesting. Of course, we don't even have cable so we never get to watch HGTV anyway! I am planning on going to a friend's house to watch my shows.

Thanks for your comment!