Thursday, March 27, 2008

Willamette Week's new Pocket Shop features local Portland Etsy sellers

One of the other guests on AM Northwest yesterday was Byron Beck from local paper Willamette Week. He was there to promote WW's brand new "Pocket Shop" shopping guide, "A guide to 259 fun and fabulous places to shop in Portland."

I asked to see it and while flipping through it I was excited to see the above picture, taken at Tender Loving Empire, which shows my Roman Record Cuffs (displayed on a funky old red-painted game piece)!

A few pages later, I was blown away to find a whole column devoted to Etsy and local Etsy sellers (including Eye Pop Art)!
Here's what it says:

Web Stores
National indie entrepreneur emporium is a gold mine of Portland-made gifts, clothes and one-of-a-kind art. Here's a few of our favorite local Etsy finds.

Curly Girl Glass
Jewelry that runs the style gamut from sterling silver mod to ring-toss chic to downright bauble-icious, CurlyGirl plays nice with geometry and gemstones in each design.

SoHip Bags
Messenger bags with ethereal prints- and crocheted business card holders - are offered alongside cupcake-shaped luggage tags and pendants made from repurposed Manga pages.

Dolls for Friends
If the Ugly Dolls had a rager that ended in carnage, and the splattered remains of the cloth creatures were miraculously reassembled, Frankenstein-style, you would have Dolls for Friends. Strangely, they're pretty damn adorable and even appropriate for the preschool set.

Harvey & Eileen

Keep these designers on your radar for all your bridal-shower needs - their flagship image (a line-drawing representation of the uterus) endears itself to print on skivvies and postcards alike.

Eye Pop Art
Surely sacrilege to the vinyl purist, these wares are all crafted from the remains of LPs. Take your pick of striking mirrors and bracelets that are ideal if you've moved on to the almighty MP3 and never looked back.

Maya Bella
Crocheted chicks and wholly original plush-toy designs, all handcrafted as the antidote to Dolls for Friends, apparently, and perfect as a gift for the little 'un in your life.

Pretty cool, huh? But now, I'm wondering - is my work really "sacrilege to the vinyl purist"? Please take my poll (on the right column of this page) and let me know what you think!


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

That's wonderful to be featured.

njm said...

Great feature! How exciting to be included in the local paper...congratulations!


TotusMel said...

Great feature, sacrilege or not.

Erin said...

Holy Smokes! Can you tell me the date of this issue? I need to track down a copy.

Thanks, Erin

Dolls for Friends

EyePopArt said...

Hi Erin, it's not in a regular issue of WW, it's in their little booklet called "Pocket Shop." There's a map of locations where you can get one -