Thursday, April 3, 2008

Check out Trillium Artisans

One of the aspects of my job at Trillium Artisans that I enjoy the most is getting to work on the website and the collective Etsy shop.

We've contracted with local jewelry artist Lisa Gastelum of TQB Designs to do our product photography, and the results have been amazing! We've also added a whole bunch of new artisans to our group in the last couple of months, and I've just been so impressed by the quality of work that everyone is doing. Such great items made from recycled materials!

Please visit our newly updated shop to see more. I think the three pieces above all go really well together. It's like a combo of the perfect eco-friendly bridal jewelry (made with vintage buttons and beads) AND a perfect wedding gift (the cool bike clock).

In the upcoming months, I will be working on helping individual artisans with fun stuff like setting up Etsy shops, using Constant Contact for email marketing, using Photoshop, setting up blogs, and more. The fab Sister Diane will be teaching a craft blogging class for us at the end of this month - I'm stoked!

Trillium has received funding from the eBay Foundation for our "PDX Green Crafts" project, which involves training and resources designed to increase the internet and technical skills of our artisans so they can make money selling their work online. What a fun job I have!

You can learn more about PDX Green Crafts by visiting Trillium's profile and blog on, a new eBay community which will be launching a fair trade marketplace later this year.

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