Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Popsicle Clocks!

I got new clock parts and the hands look like Popsicle sticks! I love it.

The above funkalicious photos are the 6 clocks that I shipped out today with the rest of the order for I really dig the chunky new hands. I think that they look better and it's also easier to tell the time from a distance. The thinner hands could kind of get lost in the design - not so with these thick babies!

The really cool thing is that having to buy new clock parts means I finally ran out of my initial batch of 100 clock mechanisms that I bought three years ago! So, I have made 100 clocks. Wow.


Anonymous said...

That are awesome and so bright!

Nodin's Nest said...

those are amazing!

The Nature Nut said...

Wow - 100 clocks? That's wonderful! Congratulations :o)

Your clocks are so awesome!

Twiggymolly said...

That is so fun when you see all your hard work pay off! I remember when I ran out of my earring cards teh first time and was super excited too!!!