Sunday, June 22, 2008

Julius designed the yearbook cover

School's been out for a couple of weeks already, but I just had to share a special treat we got on the last day of school - our son, Julius, had his artwork featured on the front cover of his school yearbook!

All the kids voted and picked his design, and he's only in 6th grade! How cool is that? Well, the only downside is that somehow the teachers credited the wrong kid's name on the back cover - but during an all-school assembly they announced the mistake and had Julius stand up for a round of applause, which is very nice. I'm bummed that his name isn't on it, but still totally proud of him, and I just love his design! It had to be some sort of dragon as that is the school mascot - I think it's so great that Juke's design was chosen by his peers, and I wanted to share it with you here. Yay for Julius!

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Cheryl Finley: said...

OMG!! Your art is awesome! And earth friendly too! I smile ear to ear just looking at it. Congrats on your success...and having fun with your art! I'll be back to cruise your blog. Hmm..I'd been wondering how to re-use my old CDs, other than using them to trace a circle to make mandalas : )

I make mandalas as self-discovery/spiritual practice...and post them here: and here:'d like to join our Mandala Oasis Online Community?:

Either'v been an inspiration! I just LOVE all that color.