Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Which Record Bowl would you pick?

Here are the six Mandala Record Bowls I shipped out yesterday at the request of Viva Terra, the eco-friendly catalog and website. They are considering my bowls for their Summer 2009 catalog. I'm so excited! This is a really beautiful catalog, full of incredibly gorgeous items. You can view it online here.

I have no idea what will happen but I am very curious to see which designs, if any, they will decide to order. What do you think? I have started a poll here on my blog, over on the right column. Vote for your favorite bowl! Which one would you pick if you were an eco-friendly catalog company? I'd love your opinion. Thanks!


Anitra Cameron said...

You sure did make choosing difficult--all so interesting, pretty, and colorful!

That's wonderful and exciting, to be in the catalog. Congratulations!

Judy Mackey said...

How could anyone pick just one?
Beautiful artwork.