Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's time to prime, prime, prime my records

As I dorkily sang in my "That's Clever!" episode on HGTV, "It's time to prime, prime, prime my records!" (My kids will never let me live that down.)

I have been spending every spare minute prepping records for my big catalog order (100 Mandala Record Bowls) for Viva Terra.

Chuck helped me set up a priming station under my canopy in the backyard, which worked pretty well until the wind blew everything over (while the paint was still wet). At the same time I was dealing with this crisis, our washing machine was flooding our basement! So we were both running around like crazy trying to clean things up and prevent too much disaster.

I ended up moving everything inside and downstairs once the basement was dry. Now the small area at the foot of the stairs is draped with tarps and dropcloths, which Chuck loves. He says it's "totally E.T." He enjoys having to go through lots of plastic curtains in order to get into his band room, where he has been playing lots of guitar lately. By the way, we are playing a show tonight at the Ash Street. Here is a flyer:I still have a couple more batches of records to prime. In the meantime I have been working on plugging the spindle holes of the primed records, which is the last step before I actually start painting them. I have about 64 done so far, here's what they look like in the drying stage:


libu said...

I have tagged you on my blog. Check it out for details.

Bridget B. said...

OMG - I totally wish I could see the episode - I break out in song at random moments, too! Secretly, my life is a musical . . .