Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now showing at Cubespace

If you've ever wondered what a psychedelic Eye Pop Art painting would like in a "normal" setting, here are some photos of them hanging in various little conference rooms at Cubespace, "an innovative workspace community in Portland, Oregon. We provide work stations, meeting rooms, and big office amenities to people who would otherwise be working from their homes, coffee shops, or wherever they can set up their laptops or use their cell phones."

Oh my gosh, they even have a knitting night! How totally Portland is that?

I have some of my Classic Records hanging there too:

So hey, now you know, Eye Pop Art can hang on any old boring wall and make a room look interesting and cool.

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Bridget B. said...

Groovy! And there's a few records up in the Agora there, too - right up over the bagel station! Nothing like a little Eye Pop Art to accent your snack . . .