Friday, January 9, 2009

A sneak peek at Spring

Happy new year! It's been a while since I've posted here, mainly because I've been working my butt off getting ready to exhibit at the Portland Gift and Accessories Show, which kicks off tomorrow morning at 9 am at the Oregon Convention Center and ends on Tuesday afternoon. It's my first wholesale show and although it has been borderline-nightmarishly stressful trying to pull it off, I am super excited about it and hope to get lots of orders to keep me busy for a while.

I've designed a new line for spring and here are some photos of the new items, including clocks, bowls, mirrors, and cuffs. I based the colors on the Pantone Spring 2009 Color Report. The photos don't look as good as I'd like, mostly because I have been very short on time and haven't been able to do the usual hours and hours of editing. They look good enough on my new line sheets (I hope!).

I am sharing a Trillium Artisans booth with five other artists - Amanda from Bread and Badger, Jacob from Ex Libris Anonymous, Kori from Flipside Hats, Lacey from and Sometimes Y, and Emily from Sword + Fern.

In other news, Dartgun & The Vignettes are playing a big show tonight at Kelly's Olympian at 426 SW Washington in downtown Portland. Show starts at 10. Come check us out!

I'm wildly excited about a potential opportunity to have one of my Feng Shui Mirrors (this one) featured in a segment on Good Morning America next Friday! The wonderful folks at requested a couple of items from Trillium (including my mirror!) which will possibly be included in a segment around "greening" the Obama girls' bedrooms! How cool would that be? There's no guarantee that they'll use it, but there is HOPE! Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

I celebrated my 35th birthday on Monday (yep, I'm old) and was thrilled to find my Goth Clock in Vampire Red and Black feautured in the Etsy Finds. What a great birthday present.

I will be updating this blog this weekend with pictures from the trade show - see you soon!


Bridget B. said...

Hey, lady, that is all REALLY exciting! Good luck at the trade show - I've never done one before, so I'd be freakin' nervous too! And congrats on yet more potential national press - that rocks!!

CraftyHope said...

Best of luck on the show and on getting on GMA. The colors are beautiful and everything looks great!!