Thursday, February 11, 2010

Records and Videos and More Records that Spin

Just a few fun things today...

I'm following a facebook fan page called Records, which is full of nifty links like the Vinyl Record Generator, where you can make your own "record" like the one above! Check it out at

Also through the Records page, I discovered the following two totally fascinating videos, showing how vinyl records are made - something I've always been really curious about. Finally, all my questions are answered!

Pretty cool to watch if you have a few minutes!

Speaking of records, there sure are a lot of old ones in the world. I recently put out a call for records, because I need them for a big order, and my friend Jacob from Ex Libris Anonymous hooked me up with the owner of Q is for Choir, a local used record and zine store which, unfortunately, was closing. I was able to pick up a whole carload of records for free.

As you see, they filled up my living room too. Chuck and I are still in the process of sorting them out - a few are worth saving, and I have to sort the thinnies from the thickies. All of the album covers are going to a local artisan who makes journals from them. I dropped off a load with him this morning and still have tons more.
What is this big order, you ask? Well, the Mandala Pinwheels are going to be in the Uncommon Goods Summer 2010 catalog! They are on the UG website right now, why don't you take a look?

I'll have to tell you more about all of this exciting news in another post...for now, check out one more video! My young friend Traver (son of "Mad Dog" Mark Danielson, who is my collaborator on the pinwheel project), added some Dartgun & the Vignettes music and some text to this one, so now you can watch 'em spin and rock out at the same time! Enjoy:

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Chicalookate said...

Congrats on your big order! Too bad we don't live closer. I had a customer give me a lot of records not too long ago. Unfortunately the artists aren't ones that my customer base is wanting made in to bowls or clocks. So for now they are just taking up space in my extra bathroom.