Monday, October 22, 2007

No sleep till Brooklyn!

In honor of my friends and PDX Etsy teammates Kristin, Ryan, Leah, Lea, Mary, Becky, Adrienne, and Danielle traveling to New York this week for the big trunk show, I am posting the last of my Brooklyn photos from May of this year. Enjoy!

"Take a picture of the water towers, they won't be here for long." That's what Joan said about these Brooklyn landmarks.

"In a brilliant brownstone..."

Random black light art...

You may be right, I may be crazy, but I DID "walk through Bedford-Stuy alone..." (if only the short distance from the subway stop to Joan's apartment). Apparently it's not as scary anymore as it was in Billy Joel's day. Chuck played that song (on vinyl) over and over during the days leading up to my departure.

Hey! It's the Etsy building!

This is Mary, a real sweetie pie from the Etsy Labs. (I blogged about this visit in an earlier post.)

Just a little kitty on the streets of Brooklyn...

Coney Island!

This guy caught a flounder.

You just don't see buildings like that on the beach in Oregon.

Good luck to all of you and especially thanks to Kristin from Urbana for selling my work at the big events in New York this weekend! Kristin is such a great potter, you should see some of her unique and beautiful bowls and dishes. She mixes all her own colors and does an amazing job. And she's also a fabulous belly dancer!


Danielle said...

Sweetness! I love seeing the etsy building and the blacklight art!

Its really really close now.

Julia Catherine said...

That is so cool you went to see etsy. I live an hour away and never make the trek into NYC. Love the kitty on the street :) Thanks for the comment love!