Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rock and Roll Middle School

This is what my display looked like at last weekend's da Vinci Arts Fair. The event was held in the gymnasium of my son's middle school. Actually the gym is known as the "dance studio" because there is no PE - all students must take a term of dance. Da Vinci is an "arts magnet" middle school which means they offer a wealth of fabulous art electives. You have to request to transfer your child there and the kids are selected by random lottery. We are really glad that Julius was able to get in. He is taking band and recently completed a Comics and Cartooning course. Now he is learning to tap dance!

This was my second year participating in the Arts Fair and it went really well. 30% of the sales go to the school. I sold lots of cuffs. And I got to hang out with cool artists like Megan, Kristina, Lisa, and Lee!

At about 12:30 on Saturday, DARTGUN graced the da Vinci auditorium stage. We played a short set (only 5 songs) and there were some serious issues with the sound (microphones not working) so it was weird, but fun. As Tangereen said, "It was rebellious." We were loud. The other two Vignettes couldn't make it so my BFF (yes, I said that!) Melodie filled in. Here we are after the show:

I've been doing shows every weeekend since mid-November. Here's Stacey from Sew Many Cats (we shared a booth) at the I Heart Indie Holidays show on Dec. 2:

My next show will be Crafty Wonderland on Sunday - it should be awesome! If you are in Portland, this is the one holiday craft show you DON'T want to miss!

There will be a full bar, folks. I will give a free coloring book to the first person who brings me a beer! I will be UPSTAIRS - come up and see me!

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