Saturday, January 12, 2008

First shots with my new camera

These are just some of the first shots I took with the brand new camera I got for Xmas. (Thanks, Chuck!) I totally haven't figured out the settings yet, I am just throwing these out there. I need to figure out how to not make it blurry, etc., I know, but I already like it better than my old camera. It really captures the vivid colors quite well. I haven't done any Photoshop stuff to any of these pictures, which is pretty cool.
I've never been able to get a good picture of the above mural because it's in a weird, narrow dark area and my old camera couldn't handle it.

This is some cool vintage wallpaper I put on the outside of my bedroom door:I just went around the house taking pictures. This is Julius's mask that he made with an artist in residence in 4th grade:
This is a digital print on canvas that was made at Kinko's and framed:
Now I need to study up and figure out how to use my macro setting so I can get decent pictures of my new cuffs to list in my shop. That's on my list for this weekend...I also need to fill out a questionnaire for - they would like to carry my products but need to rate the "greenness" of my business first. I've also been working with a gentleman in Montreal who is opening a new gallery, possibly to be called "Upcycle," and is planning to place a wholesale order for my Mandala Record Bowls.

So I'm gearing up for that while also trying to tackle all the good new year's tasks, such as updating my website which is hopelessly out of date! PDX Etsy is planning a cool Valentine's themed craft show, but I'm gonna skip it due to not having much product in stock. I need to get ready for the SE Area Art Walk the first weekend of March. I also just got in my application for Buckman, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of getting into that one again!

Chuck and I went over and had lunch at our friend Julie's house today. She and her friend Noelle are starting a cool paper crafting business called Nudge, and they are applying to join Trillium, so I picked up some samples for the product review committee. Julie is way cool and always gives me cool funky stuff. It will be great to have her be a part of Trillium!

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Able Mabel said...

Wow! Those pictures are fabulous!