Monday, January 7, 2008

My birthday at the art museum

Happy new year everyone!

I have had a wonderful holiday season which just ended on Saturday, January 5 - my birthday. Charles made me a wonderful brunch, then took me out for coffee and to the Portland Art Museum, where we were amazed and delighted by the Chuck Close exhibition. The rug pictured above was probably my favorite piece.

Going to the art museum on my birthday is an annual tradition that I love! It is such a great way to get inspired for the new year. We finished off the day by meeting up with a bunch of friends at the Horse Brass Pub for Portland's best fish & chips.

And now it is Monday, the kids are back to school, and I finally have a chance to blog again! Sorry for the big gap in posts. Somewhere in between Crafty Wonderland and the PDX Etsy sale, I got hit with a bad cold, missed a week of work at Trillium, and somehow managed to ship out an insane number of orders. I got better in time to enjoy Christmas with family and friends, and to host a raging New Year's Eve party followed by the celebration of our 12th wedding anniversary on New Year's Day. Throw in a birthday and you can see why I had no time for blogging! But I am back now and hope to keep this little journal up to date in 2008!


SisterDG said...

Happy Birthday! Happy 2008!

Melissa said...

Ooh, I love Chuck Close! What a delight!

Trendy Tots said...

Oh wow, glad you got over the flu in time to enjoy your wonderful holidays. You certainly packed a lot in there.