Monday, February 11, 2008

The Dartgun sessions

The other night we had a pro photographer (Cameron Browne - he shoots the Blazers - yeah!) over to take pictures of the band. I took some pictures too! I couldn't use my flash because the photographer had lots of fancy auto-flashes set up throughout the room which caused my pictures to be much too bright. So above you see Chuck in the natural redness of the band room.

I had to take pictures of him taking pictures, of course.

Here are the Vignettes - myself, Suzie, and Kat:
The reason for the photography? Well, we're making a record! The next day we went into Dig Studio for a ten-hour recording session.

Here are a few choice shots! Unfortunately there was no time for backup vocals so we girls will have to go in another day to do our part. We had fun anyway.

So there you have it. The new record by Dartgun is in the works!


Anonymous said...
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gl. said...

fabulous, christine! how very exciting!