Friday, February 22, 2008

Little hands create beautiful mandalas

This week, my Cool School classes at Duniway Elementary started up again. Once again, I am teaching a school newspaper class (creating an issue of the Duniway Dragonian) and we are doing yet another mandala mural on the wall down by the music room!

This mural class is for younger kids (first - third graders) so you can imagine how delighted and impressed I was to see what beatiful mandalas they designed. Each kid is creating an individual mandala on paper so they will have something to work on while waiting for their turn to paint. These will be painted with watercolors and hung all around the finished mural.
While the kids were working on their individual mandalas, they also all took turns working on a group mandala design on a larger piece of paper. I used a variety of old drum heads and records to create several concentric circles on the paper to act as guidelines for the design. Starting in the center, the kids each had a chance to add their own layers of patterns.

I took this large paper to Kinko's and had it reduced down to fit on an 8.5" x 11" transparency, which I then projected onto the wall and traced it with a pencil. The design is now on the wall and ready for the kids to start painting it next week! Stay tuned for more photos as this project progresses.

By the way, if you live in the Portland area and are interested in my children's art classes, please visit the DIY Lounge website for information about my upcoming Saturday morning kids' art workshops!


Jezabels Jewels said...

oh, that looks like a blast! kids are soooo super creative ;)

Jessica Ziel said...

Excellent. i love their little drawings, so much hard work they put into their designs. I'm very impressed.

Mimi - Image Beads said...

How cool and fun it must be!

gl. said...

so sweet!