Saturday, December 6, 2008

Have a cup of tea with your coloring book

I've updated the listing for my the Mod Mandalas Coloring Book with some new photos. I am hoping to make it look a little more cozy. Does the teacup help?

I think these look much better than the old photos - here they are:

Do you think the new photos are an improvement?

What's new in my life? I have a wholesale order in the works for Doctor Trip, and I am getting ready for the SCRAP Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale next weekend, so I have to make some Christmas cookies. I have some new clock designs which I want to call "Goth Clocks" (photos coming soon to a blog near you!), and I'm thinking about making some Eye Pop Art Gift Packs. At Trillium, we've been super busy with holiday sales and selling online at, which means that I've been learning how to use eBay (weird). The order for Viva Terra is done but I can't ship it until December 22, so I am living with many large boxes.

Tonight we are going to do a little shopping at da Vinci and go check out a performance of a kid/teenage rock band class at Ethos Music Center. Our friend Aiden (Melodie's oldest son, he is a 12-year old guitar shredder, just like his mom and dad!) will be performing and so will our 15-year old friend Mel (daughter of Chad, the bass player for Dartgun). I love it when rockers have rocking kids. I'm excited.

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Bridget B. said...

I love the new photos - they do look much cozier! It's such a trick to make the pictures look inviting, without overloading them . . .