Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Watch me on "Look What I Did!" December 10 at 8 am ET/PT

Hello! I wanted to post about the fact that my episode of "Look What I Did!" is airing tomorrow morning on HGTV (I think for the fourth or fifth time).

So I was looking though my HGTV stuff and found a folder with all these pictures that the production company had required me to put on CD for the show.

They didn't end up using any of them, but they are kind of cool so I thought I would post them here. They wanted pictures of family vacations, family art adventures, before and after pictures of our house, and all kinds of stuff.

So here we go! Above you will see a young Julius Elvis Chaos Claringbold outside the Richard M. Nixon Memorial Outhouse and Library, which exists in a very special place on top of a mountain in Montana. I painted the psychedelic flower vase and window frame on one side of the building. Here's a view from the front:Also in the mountains of Montana there is a very cool treehouse, and here you can see me sitting up there, painting an acoustic guitar:
Working on same painting while being assaulted by moths at a campground somewhere in the Wild West:
Here's me and a very small Tangereen painting river rocks at a campground on the Snake River:
This next picture was taken at Littleville, a secret place in Montana where we have built a small village - Chuck was painting a scary skull on a rock in his "compound" (isn't Tangereen adorable with her little braids?):
Here is our family photo taken at "Sunset Bench" in Montana:
And here is the view from Sunset Bench:
This is me and Tangereen at the Oregon Coast:
Okay, on to the before and after pictures. BEFORE:


Here I am working on the ceiling:
...and here's Tangereen pretending to help me paint the ceiling:

Okay, if you want to see the rest and even see me demo-ing a mandala painting on a vinyl record, and hear Chuck talk about "a Michelangelo moment," you gotta tune in to the show tomorrow morning! If you do, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


QuirkyDolls said...

You are one "mad paintin woman" !

LazyTcrochet said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Congrats on the tv spot!

Toni said...

Looks really great! I am in Montana too!

sleeplessimagination said...

I love the room! You did a great job!