Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures from Crafty Wonderland

Above is a photo of my table at Crafty Wonderland on Sunday, April 5. I had a pretty groovy day! I got to meet Faythe Levine and Garth Johnson (who informed me that my stuff made it "in" to his Creative Reuse book, which is coming out in November - yay!), and chat with other friends like Lee, Susan, Teresa, and Jen.

I even saw Greg, my old friend who designed my website in exchange for this mural. Greg and Sarah's friend was selling delicious cupcakes at the show - they bought me a little bag full of them for the family, who went nuts - seriously, these are the best cupcakes ever! Unfortunately she's not online yet but remember the name: Hey There Cupcake. Yum!

Here are some pictures of fellow crafters that I like -

I sat next to Autumn of Autumn Comfort Candles:

Levi, of Aliens With Afros (he goes to the same school as Julius):

Jackie, of Scrumptious Suds and Handmade NW (and now, also, DIY Alert!):

Amanda, of Bread and Badger:

Stacie, of Sew Many Cats:

Sarah of Two Sarahs:

Holden Lee Tees - all the designs on the shirts are drawn by her 6-year old son:

Shoppers (view from the Doug Fir stage):

These pictures are also in the PDX Craftgasm pool on flickr, where you can find lots of other photos from the "big crafty weekend" that was centered around the Portland premier of Handmade Nation.

I saw the movie on Saturday and it was great! I took Tangereen. Here she is:

They asked everybody who was wearing something handmade to step up to the photo kiosk. She was sporting a scarf that her friend Grace made, and some armwarmers that she got on Etsy.

We both loved the movie. Tangereen's favorite part was the segment about Knitta. And our other favorite part of the day was the installation by Mandy Greer at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. It was incredible!
The bus ride home was pretty hellish, but other than that we had a wonderful day and a great crafty weekend!

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