Friday, April 24, 2009

Making stuff

Here are some recent shots of Eye Pop Art works in progress.
And here are some pictures of some recently completed bowls that I made for a shop called Le Cadeau in Memphis, TN.

My work is also now available at Oop! in Providence, RI, and Sea-n-Green in New Jersey, and I have a second wholesale order in hand for, which will be keeping me busy for the next couple of weeks. Here's a picture of the Oop! gallery in Providence (from their website) - it looks so cool, I am stoked that my Mandala Suncatchers are being carried there. Speaking of suncatchers - I sold a bunch of them to Angela from summerscreations, and she made them into a nifty mobile to add some color to her new studio.

Angela said, "My husband just finished fixing up a beautiful new studio for me and it's in desperate need of color. Your suncatchers are beautiful and exactly what I needed! They look absolutely beautiful! I took off the suction cups and tied each with fishing line of different lengths. I screwed some cup hooks into the ceiling in a triangle shape and hung them up. They're so pretty spinning around lazily up there; I'm going to get a neck ache because I can't stop looking at them!"

Here's a picture that she sent me:

And one more thing: today is National Etsy Day! We're all supposed to shout "Etsy" from the rooftops. If you don't have an Etsy account (you can register as a buyer-only), sign up today and be sure to mention my Etsy username in the Referrer Username box at sign up! (It's EyePopArt.) Thanks and have a great day!


Amanda said...

I love seeing photos of people making their art! That first image is so great. :)

In other news...

I have a Kreativ Blogger award waiting for you on my blog! Someone sent one to me yesterday, and now I have the honor of passing it along to you, because your blog makes me smile. :)

Dayna Collins said...

I love your "stuff" and wanted to share a shout out I have given to you as inspiration for a class I'm teaching at the Salem Art Association.