Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Band Business

Here are a few shots of Dartgun & the Vignettes - from our show at the Twilight on Saturday night: Left to right: Chuck, Suzie, Chad, Billy, Emie, and me.

Here are the girls getting ready for our performance at Milepost 5:

And the Smash at the Ash (Chuck's birthday party):

Suzie and me after the show:

Here are some other bands we've had the pleasure of playing with in the past month - our old friends Husqvarna (their bass player Mike is the owner of the Florida Room):
The Hickmans:
The Oblivion Seekers:
And Cootie Platoon:

Our next scheduled show is for June 19 at the Ash Street - mark your calendars now and rock on PDX! It's a CD release party for Scott Deluxe Drake, of the Humpers fame.

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Dayna Collins said...

Very cool - I especially like the red clothes!