Thursday, July 9, 2009

In the Press

Just wanted to share some recent mentions of Eye Pop Art in the blogosphere. Above, Creepy Queen Magazine featured my Big Top Circus Clock for Psychedelic Wednesdays! Very cool, I think.

And, cuteable put my Rockabilly Record Bowl up for Recycled Finds: included my Lavender Feng Shui Mirror in a post about handmade mirrors:
And I discovered while looking at web stats for Trillium Artisans that the French website madmoiZelle included my Antique Record Clock in this "Selection graphique":

It's super fun to get featured in the online press, and I really appreciate it. But, to put things in perspective, here's a passage from the book I am reading right now, Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut:

She asked me what had been the most pleasing thing about my professional life when I was a full-time painter - having my first one-man show, getting a lot of money for a picture, the comradeship with fellow painters, being praised by a critic, or what?

"We used to talk a lot about that in the old days, " I said. "There was general agreement that if we were put into individual capsules iwth our art materials, and fired out into different parts of outer space, we would still have everything we loved about painting, which was the opportunity to lay on paint."

This really got me thinking about how much I love to paint, and how I wish I could just be shot into space in a capsule full of art materials. That would be really nice.

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