Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recycled Arts Festival 2009

Here are some pictures from the Recycled Arts Festival, which happened on June 28 and 29 at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington. It was a really great event, and I am happy to say that many Eye Pop products have found new and loving homes. The weekend weather was gorgeous and it was an all-around great time!

Here are some shots of my booth. You can also check out pictures from 2007 and 2008 if you want (I did it in 2006 too, but that was before I had a blog!).

And look who showed up - Michael Cordova! My old, old friend from high school who lives in San Francisco and was in town for the weekend. It was so sweet of him to come up to the 'Couv just to visit me.

It was actually a great weekend for seeing friends. I also saw another old high school friend, Aaron Nelson. My old friend Stephanie came by and we had lunch together at the Farmers Market - she and I used to share an office at the Kinko's regional training center, and we did a big sales training project together back in...I think 2001?

"Miss Megan" and "Miss Chantelle" also showed up - we were all SUN School teachers together at Lynch Wood Elementary a couple years ago, and we also worked together at OCAC summer camp.

And, Brenda Gunderson and her family showed up too! Brenda and I had kids in the same class at Duniway and she was one of my earliest supporters when I started Eye Pop Art - she gave me a ton of records, and was one of my first customers, buying several of my Mandala Record Bowls which she uses as candle holders at her beach house.

Not to mention that I met some very cool people who have a consignment shop in Seattle where I will soon be selling my work. It's called the Green Chair Project and I am going there on the 18th when the band goes up for our big punk rock show at the Bit Saloon.

Another fun thing about the Recycled Arts Festival is getting to chat with the other vendors, some of whom are fellow members of Trillium Artisans. Here is Anitra Cameron of Coffee Pot People:

I had to take several pictures of her wonderful China Blossoms, so bright and colorful and funky!

And here is Liz Dickey. I truly love her amazing bike clocks. She shared the booth with April from Rosewebs.

Here's Julia Garretson with her jewelry made from bicycle tires:

Anitra was sweet enought to take this picture of me in my booth:
It was a fantastic show!

Oh - and also! My stuff was in the newspaper! The Columbian is the major paper for Vancouver and Clark County, and they published an article about the event in their Sustainable Lifestyles section on the Thursday before the event. I was interviewed for it, but didn't really expect that they would use not one, but two, images of my work! It was so exciting!


LeaKarts said...

Your booth looks fantastic! Sounds like it was a great day--I am sorry I missed it.

Ani said...

It was a fun show, wasn't it? And what a great newspaper feature!

Thanks for the kind words about me and the Blossoms! :^D

lauragray said...

Wow! all its so fantastic! i love the recycled art and it was great festival.

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