Saturday, March 13, 2010

Buckman - live now! + How I painted my display stand and other news

The 20th Annual Buckman Art Show and Sell opened last night and is going on today until 5:00 pm!
Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School
320 Southeast 16th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

30% of sales support the school's arts programs!

Here's a new sign I made for my table:

(I'm actually not there because we had a show last night and a friend visiting from out of town and many things to do at home and in the studio!)

Here is what my table looked like after I set it up yesterday morning:

I can't believe I found time to paint the display stand for the actually only took a couple of hours and I'm really glad I did it. Here are a couple shots of the process:

I painted it bright yellow with leftover paint from my kitchen, then drew the design with a black Sharpie Paint Pen.

Then, I painted it in with acrylics and touched up the outline with more Sharpie after the paint dried. I think it turned out great!

In other news! The order of 48 pinwheels for Uncommon Goods is just about done - all I have to do is paint the wooden knobs and wrangle some shipping pallets. I have volunteers lined up from Steps to Success to help with the packing and shipping, and we'll be using the facility at Trillium for that.

I'll have some pieces in the next Amazed event, a truly amazing installation (the theme is "Music") at the High Point Market, which is the world's largest home design show. I'll be making a bunch of clocks and have plans to create a large room divider made from painted mandala records connected together.

Some of my cuffs are now available from Canadian web retailer Modern Vintage Attic. You can read an interview with me on the site's blog here.

My clocks (carried by Buy Green) are currently being featured on the home page of the brand new eBay Green Shopping Hub.

Here's a quick photo from our show last night at O'Malley's with Cootie Platoon and Muddy River Nightmare Band (You can see more photos here.) Check out our band Dartgun & the Vignettes on facebook and become a fan, why dontcha?

Next gig is Chuck's annual Smash at the Ash, April 9 at the Ash Street. We'll be rocking with Junior's Gang, Hairspray Blues, and 48 Thrills. We have some fun surprises planned too. See you there, Portland!

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Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

Hey, good looking band you have! And I like your love of color. I'll be checking out your shop on Etsy!