Monday, March 1, 2010

Favorite Creative Reusers: Virginia Fleck

As promised in this post about the book 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, I plan to share some of my favorite creative reusers here on ye old blog.

To kick it off, I have to start with my absolute favorite - Virginia Fleck. Oh my gosh. I am so amazed and blown away by Virginia's work. She creates stunning, gorgeous mandalas using plastic bags.

You have to look at her Public Art section to see some of the breathtaking installations she's created.

Virginia also oversees a service organization called the Angsty Teenage Eco Warriors, whose mission is "to identify and evaluate critical environmental and humanitarian situations and to take action with engaging, effective volunteerism."

Very cool. Check out their tutorial on how to make a Plastic Bag Tote like these:
They have a rad video too:

I'm so inspired and delighted by Virginia's work and just had to share it with you. Please take a look at her website and enjoy the recycled beauty!


Anitra Cameron said...

Wow. Amazing and wonderful and beautiful, all at the same time! Thanks for sharing Virginia with us!

Casper said...

i like that.
It's verry beautiful