Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cutting records

This weekend I am cutting records. Makes me sound like a rock star, I know! Well, the band still hasn't made it into the studio, but I have a lot of Roman Record Cuffs to make for the holiday season, so I am working on slicing up some of the 6 cases of warped rap records I saved from the landfill about a year ago.

So, do you want to know my secrets?

Do you have any idea how long it took me to learn how to do this? Well, here it is: you gotta heat it up first. That's about it. I used to use the oven but now I have a HEAT GUN!
Blast it with some hot, hot heat and you can just cut it with regular scissors. So now you know! Have fun. Be safe. Wear protective gloves and a respirator. And if you can't manage to make your own cuff, just buy one from me!


Jennifer said...

that is sooooo darn cool! i would have never in a million trillion years thought to do something like that! hehe, it does kinda make you a rock star, huh? lol...heading over to your shop now :)

Barbra said...

Very cool...although obviously the gun isn't!

SisterDG said...

Wow, that's super interesting. I would never have thought that heat would render them scissorable. Although, judging from that mask you're wearing, a fume or two escapes. :-)

Thanks so much for this cool glimpse into your process!

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

I was wondering if my embossing gun would do the trick. I might just have to give that a go. Thanks for the idea!