Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yesterday's rock show

Here are some of the guys (rockers and roadies) pulling up with the equipment after the show. We played yesterday at the Foster Art Walk - as Chuck said, it was "Dartgun's first ever show during daylight hours (Lestat, are you listening?)."

The kid with the mohawk is Andrew, it was his 20th birthday. Happy birthday, Andrew!

There are no pictures of our performance but I did get this shot of Hello Cleveland:These guys rocked. Their singer is Chris, who did an excellent job of organizing this event. The space, down in the basement warehouse at Bear eCycling at 63rd and Foster, was so cool. They called it the "Bear Bunker" and it was filled with art and madness, including a mind-blowing installation by Joseph Demaree. Check out this artist, he is really amazing.

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