Thursday, September 13, 2007

Touching up the psychedelic bathroom

So, I had all these ugly marks on my bathroom wall where the paint was kind of chipped off. I filled the holes in with spackling compound, primed over them, and then when I was ready to touch it up, I discovered that the blue paint I had was actually a darker shade of blue (which I got for my living room), not the same color as the bathroom wall.

So what could I do?

Well, of course I went ahead and painted over the spots with the darker blue and then had myself a ball embellishing them with doodled designs in black acrylic.There were a lot of scratches around the edge of the door, so this became some sort of psychedelic moth.The big fish is made out of a record that broke when I dropped it on the hardwood floor. The two pieces that broke off became a perfect tail, and the opening left by the broken-out pieces made a perfect mouth. So I made it into a fish, but there was a hole in the wall below it so I made that into a cute little fishy.Oh yeah, my bathroom rocks!

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