Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pictures from the Halloween party!

Every year we host a Halloween smash at our basement studios, and this year was no exception. Five bands played! Above is Octopus Recoil - their drummer is Chuck's 20 year old son, Andrew.

Here's how Justin from Advisory described our party:

The basement party featured many Portland artists such as the adorable sensational rock of Cootie Platoon, the Portland Wall of Sound Dartgun, the angst throttle Octopus Recoil, and
the zombie blood rock of the Decliners. Dartgun HQ is the interior of a magnified mansion that exists inside microdot. Shave away the walls of a sugar cube and the bright lit interior of psychedelic syrup runs out of every crack of the house. I.E. it was a great setting to have a Halloween party with a bunch of Portland musician friends. And the video turned out red and awesome.

Here's Advisory:
And the Vignettes, doo-woppin' for Dartgun:

What a great party!

Upcoming rock shows featuring Dartgun & the Vignettes:
Sunday, November 18 at the Ash Street
Friday, November 23 at Slabtown

If you're in Portland, come check us out! We played a great "doo wop hop" at Ash Street on October 30 and are totally stoked to play there again.

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