Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trillium Artisans in the News

This picture of April Alden from Rosewebs appeared in the East PDX News this week. It went with an article about Trillium Artisans, the nonprofit organization where I work, called "Crafty Artisans Recycled Castoffs into Chic Art" by David Ashton. The caption to this picture: Trillium Artisan April Alden shows one of her Rosewebs wallets made from recycled and reclaimed lawn furniture webbing. She's also modeling a Liv & Lotus scarf, Stubborn necklace, and bracelet from Eye Pop Art.

Read the full article
to learn more about Trillium Artisans and see a picture of me too!

Apparently Trillium is hot news right now - another reporter was going to write an article about us for the Gresham Outlook but she got scooped when Mr. Ashton turned his in to them first! Competitive journalists in East County, who knew. But the good part is that the other reporter, Merry MacKinnon, still needed a story to do, so she came over to my house this morning to watch my HGTV segment on DVD and interview me about being an artist (she also asked a lot of questions about my huge collection of psychedelic coffee cups!).

She even called me back this evening to ask me more about the teaching work that I do, and when she heard about the mural project that I am starting tomorrow at Duniway, she immediately decided to do a story on that for the Sellwood Bee! So it looks like my face will be appearing in several neighborhood papers over the next couple of weeks.

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