Friday, July 11, 2008

Bring on the Brightness

I've listed a bunch more bright new Eye Pop originals in my shop!
The painted record above became this Mandarin Orange Record Bowl:

The green and brown painted record became this Treehugger Record Bowl:

I've also added some colorful new cuffs like these two, called Jack of Hearts and Hot Pink, respectively:

Not to mention a whole slew of new Mandala Suncatchers, like these:

I made a new banner too! I had it "bubblized" by a shop that does that (makes your banners pop). It looks like this:
What do you think?

Click on over to my shop and take a look at all the eye popping goodness!


Ta-Dah said...

You've been busy! The new banner looks great.

High Wire Girl said...

Hi. I'm always trying to find folks who pay particular attention to detailed outlining. Your stuff is really so meticulous and lovely. May I ask how you approach your outlining method? How do you keep the lines reasonably consistent? and how long does it take you to finish each piece? I sure would appreciate if you shared with me some particulars. I'm always curious to learn how others get what they do done. Many thanks, and good luck with all your stuff. It really is terrific.
Mary Killian
Please feel free to check my blog, too, if you like. Hopefully, you'll leave me a comment; cmon, it'll be fun.

Terri said...

Great pieces!