Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dartgun is "in the Know"

Last weekend Dartgun played a hot rock show at the Know, a club in the Alberta arts district.

Kat, due to being the owner of a bookstore in Salem, has a weird work schedule and a long commute, so she couldn't make it - but Suzie and I were in rare form, holding up our two-thirds of the Vignettes.
Chad has a broken wrist, but that's nothing to phase this rock solid bass player.
Advisory played before us, and our drummer Billy was filling in with them as well.
That's Emie above, looking cute as ever!

And I love this shot of Chuck and Suzie Q:

My husband is very fond of wearing skirts on stage. He is weird but I do love him. And he plays a really mean guitar. Click over to the myspace page and have a listen, be our friend!

Oh, and check it out - we were recently featured on a podcast called Pubkast -for their 4th of July Special!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Hey, you guys rock, Christine!

I love the skirts, too. Boys look good in gothy skirts. :)