Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mandalas from Buckman art camp

Last week, I taught a series of art classes for the Buckman Elementary "Celebrating Art" summer camp, a gig I got thanks to Jen at the DIY Lounge. The kids made clay pots and clay animals, explored printmaking, did a sgraffito project, and, of course, made beautiful mandalas!

The one below is just incredibly delightful to me, it's so different, imaginative, and childlike.
I will post photos of the other projects in another post - gotta run, it's my first day back at work at Trillium after a week of "vacation" (actually teaching a camp for three hours a day is a lot more tiring than 8 hours at my desk!).

P.S. We are playing a show at Satyricon tonight - come out and play if you are in Portland! It's all ages!


yertle said...

Wow, this camp looks like so much fun.

Walk in the Woods said...

Fabulous!!!! Kids are sooooo intelligent! :)

The clay takes me back ... I'm going camping (with "adults") in a couple of weeks and this has me thinking . . .

I adore the mandalas - since I draw within mandalas as a form of creative meditation.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful inspiration with is.