Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tangereen's first job - it's crafty!

This weekend Chuck and I took our daughter to the studios of Ex Libris Anonymous, where she started work at her first job, doing some piece work for Jacob in the creation of his awesome journals made from old hardcover books!
He and Tangereen met during this summer's Recycled Arts Festival, when she helped out a bit at his booth.

The studio is awesome, with hardwood floors, exposed brick, high ceilings, and a great view of the Willamette River and downtown Portland. And it's filled with stacks and stacks of books and journals in various stages of completion.

Tangereen's job consisted of slicing off book covers with a box cutter. These are mostly old books that the library gets rid of because they are falling apart, or because people have drawn in them, and for various other reasons. It's an awesome way to recycle, which is why I'm so glad Jacob is a member of Trillium Artisans! The great thing about his product is that there is something for absolutely everyone. Just look at this huge stack of completed journals:
So there's an inside peek at this little cottage industry. I'm so proud that my daughter's first job is such a cool one!


Julie said...

It sure beats waitressing! (I should know - that was *my* first job :)) What a cool opportunity for your young'un!

Anitra Cameron said...

Wow to both the new job and the blog post! I'm thrilled for Tangerine, getting to have such a great first job, and really tickled to get the bonus look at Jacob's studio. Awesome.

(PS One of my first jobs was sewing the buttons back on the mattresses in the men's dorm, lol. Doesn't begin to compare, does it?)