Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wrapping up the summer

Well, my silly kids are back to school and how weird it is to have a daughter in high school! Julius is now in 7th grade and I'm pretty excited about the awesome visual arts classes he is taking at his arts-magnet middle school. But we're all still pretty bummed that summer is over already.

We had a fairly quiet, uneventful Labor Day weekend. My parents bought new mattresses for our kids, and that spawned a big day of cleaning and rearranging our entire house.

Chuck played a show with Advisory. It was at Audio Cinema during their annual art collective show. I had never been there before, and while it seemed pretty cool, I can see why it would not be the best venue for a craft show. But it was fine for a rock show, art show, and fashion show! Here are some of the tattooed bathing beauties who pranced around in fancy hipster swimsuits, parasols, and go-go boots:

The art was great, and what better place to pose than in front of the Habermans (I swear that guy is everywhere) - here's Justin and Chuck, aren't they sweet?
They played up in the balcony - can you see them up there?
Here's a view from above, before I got kicked out of the balcony:
In other news, I am waiting to receive the order from Viva Terra. They liked the Muted Green bowl (this one):

...but they also requested to see it with the colors in reverse, so I sent them this one:
I have joined PDX Indie, the new co-op that spun out of the PDX Etsy team - check out the new website, it's quite nice: I am also in the process of joining the new Portland Craft Mafia.

I'm trying to decide whether to apply for the big Crafty Wonderland holiday show. It's at the Convention Center this year - wow! If I do, it will probably be the only holiday show I do this year - well, I might do more, I just don't know. I am trying to be conservative, knowing that I am most likely going to be getting a big wholesale order which will be due in December.

It would be a dream to not have the stress of doing one or two shows every weekend throughout November and December - I can just stay home, work on my green-and-cream bowls, and maybe even make cookies! It would be great, BUT I also worry about all the missed sales and opportunities that could come from NOT doing all the shows...oh well, we'll see what happens if and when I get the order, right?

I love my friends. Here's a picture of Suzie, me, and Melle from the last Dartgun show:

And finally, here's what I'll be doing next week (teaching another art camp at Buckman for the DIY Lounge):
Eye Pop Art has recently been featured on Eco Craftiness, Simply Sentimental, KB Squared, Etsy Trashion, Outsapop, The Coma Girl, and Packrat Mag's "Catch the Green Fever" issue.

...and that's the news! See you next time!