Monday, March 16, 2009

Eggadelic Egg Ornaments

I've added a bunch of colorful, hand painted Eggadelic Egg Ornaments to my Etsy shop.

I blew out the contents of real chicken eggs, cleaned them, painted them with acrylics, sealed them with a clear coat, and attached ribbons for hanging.

I tend to have a hard time with proper pastels so my eggs are a bit brighter and crazier than your traditional painted Easter eggs. Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Check out some other adorable items I found while browsing items tagged "Easter" on Etsy.

Little Pumpkin Faux Fur Guinea Pig Plushie by Zygopsyche:

Bella Bunny-Salsa by urastarhouse:

Homely Little Chickie by humblebea:

High Flying Easter Bunny - Pink by BlissForest:

Pop Garden and Bijoux by Heather Baily Cloche Hat
by lilyandrose:

Kitty Egg Molded Crayons by kittybblove:

Primitive Shabby Bright Color Paper Mache Eggs by thebrokenhouse:

Blue and Apple Green Chalcedony Earrings
by bellabeadstudio:

Yellow Easter Egg with Trees and Birds by astashtoys:

Goose Egg by starless:

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