Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some pictures from the Buckman show

That's what my set-up looked like at the Buckman Art Show and Sell this last weekend.

I was actually sick in bed all day Saturday and couldn't be at the event (luckily it's the type of show where you don't have to be there, but I probably would have sold more if I had been).

I'm still feeling under the weather but am off to work today anyway. In other news, the Etsy class at DIY Lounge on Thursday night (co-taught with LeBrie) went really well. I am still teaching the blogging class once a week at Duniway Elementary. It is pretty cool. I have to use typepad for the blog in order to make it password protected, and I just really am not liking typepad! Oh well.

Suzie went to the Virgin Islands and is due back tonight. We are trying to recruit Emie to become a Vignette, because Kat's work schedule is, unfortunately, making it hard for her to come to the gigs. Our next show will be April 11 at the Ash Street, Chuck's third annual birthday bash. Also playing: Cootie Platoon and the Oblivion Seekers. Mark your calendars for a great rocking night!

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