Saturday, May 10, 2008

My picture with the Mayor!

This morning I attended the celebration of the City of Portland's Economic Opportunity Initiative. That's me making a funny face on the far left. I got to have my picture taken with the mayor because I have been with the Trillium Artisans microenterprise program for three years (as an artisan - I have been staff for about two years).

Pretty much everyone else in the picture (except for Mary LK Davis, who is standing just to the left of Mayor Tom Potter in the back row) is "graduating" from different city-funded programs such as workforce programs and other microenterprise programs. One of Trillium's board members was also there, and she was kind enough to take some of these pictures.

Here's me with my handsome escort -

And here I am with Mary (like me, Mary works for Trillium in addition to being an artisan - she does our accounting):

Well, after that exciting business, Chuck and I headed over to Portland Saturday Market, where I haven't been in ages. We bought some fudge, and had pasties (yummy meat pies) from Limey's age-old booth in the food court.

Chuck bought me this great necklace for Mother's Day!All right, enough pictures of me. Here's fellow Trillium Artisan Denise in her Crafty booth -

We took some of the fudge over to the linoleum store where Suzie Q works - it's her birthday (she'll probably kill me for posting this)!

Who knew linoleum came in so many great colors?

On the way home, we went to Portland Music, Trade Up Music, and Village Merchants (a crazy cool thrift store where I scored a gorgeous embroidered bag and a cool beaded bracelet).

All this and we were home before noon! I can't believe it. On a normal Saturday we probably wouldn't even be out of bed yet.

Well, now I must be off, there's rockin' to do tonight (see next post!)...

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