Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pictures from Handmade NW

Wait! Is it really mid-May already? Oops. Well, here are some pictures from the Handmade NW event at OHSU on May 1.

I hung my paintings inside the Daily Cafe the night before. So it was really fun to get set up for the craft fair in the lobby and then wander into the cafe to see people eating lunch while surrounded by my mandalas!

They have a really great chef at the Daily!

Here's my pal Justin with pink hair and a tray of sandwiches. "How's it going, Socket?" he greeted me (in reference to the nasty dry socket I was suffering at the time - complications from my wisdom teeth extractions, ugh, it was really awful. I was in pain the whole day).

Smiling despite the dental pain!

Here's Ryan, setting up her Littleput Books booth, with some of the last of her Scrabble tile pendants - she is quitting the business and actually sold her business on Etsy last week for a reported $7000, wow. She is currently the #2 seller of handmade goods on Etsy, second only to theblackapple - but she's OUT. That must be a strange feeling.

I went for a ride with Ryan and Leah on the tram!

Here's a view of our fair city while riding up the hill in a silver bubble:

Look, it's the other tram, going the opposite direction!

View of the South Waterfront district and Willamette River from the top of "Pill Hill."

I think the tram ride was the most fun I had that day. I didn't sell much. Chuck brought me a bowl of soup, and Sister Diane stopped by with her boyfriend who is a very funny guy - I really enjoyed talking to him.

I'm trying not to plan on doing any more shows for a while, but it looks like I'll be participating in the Alberta Art Hop this Saturday, May 17. I'll be in a booth with some other teachers from the DIY Lounge. We'll be doing free craft projects with the public. The weather is supposed to be great so it should be a fun day, and since I'll only be working a short shift at the booth, I'll actually be able to get out and enjoy the Art Hop for once!

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SisterDG said...

I told Katin he'd been blogged about, and he was thrilled. :-)

Glad you're pain-free now, though. :-)