Monday, May 12, 2008

Rockin' the Red Room

Billy (drums) aka Sir William Full Blast, Charles (guitar and lead vocals) aka Chuck Thrust, and Chad (bass) aka Chad Did It - the core team of the Dartgun machine.

Suzie loved her birthday presents! I gave her some handmade earrings and a handmade candle, and we got her her own microphone. Now if she ever has to leave the band she can take her microphone with her!

Doo-wop girls at the Red Room!

Kat showed up when we had four songs left so she's not in these pictures. But her arrival on stage in the eleventh hour was a classic moment in rock history.

That's right, I can wear the same dress to meet the mayor in the morning and to sing with the band in a dark nightclub at night.

Chuck's girlfriend from seventh grade showed up with her husband!

Dave is Suzie Q's long-distance beau. He just arrived from the Virgin Islands and is leaving to drive to New York tomorrow! He'll be working for the summer at a restaurant in Manhattan. He's looking for a place to stay. I hooked him up with Joan, as she is an apartment manager and can probably help. If nothing else I hope they will meet and hang out!

Crazy people! That's Obadiah with Kat, and Melodie down front.

Melodie just finished eating a delicious chocolate cupcake supplied by the sweet, sassy bartendress, who just happens to be Cari, the owner of Motokitty. Get this, Cari recognized my last name from Chuck's debit card, realized who I was (I did a craft show in her parking lot a couple years ago) and asked me about carrying my cuffs at her store! Thrilling! I am going there Thursday!

It was a fun, red-soaked evening in a small world.

Listen to our songs and be our friend!

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